Sunday, June 29, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

We had a fairly relaxing Sunday afternoon, Don worked on the kids 4x4 tricycles, then we fertilized the garden and my roses, fun, fun, you all need to appreciate that I got a picture of Don in shorts and please notice the whiteness. I had to keep Brock inside during that time so I set him in his highchair with some oreos. He actually twisted them open and licked the white middle before he ate the cookies, it was so funny. Don played LIFE with the kids, the old version the new one stinks for any of you who haven't tried it. We were so thankful today for 90 degree temps today, it was 100 yesterday yuck. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

looks like a great afternoong! I didn't even know there was a new version of Life! LOL! I will remember that the old one is better! Don & my legs look the same! dont even look at Zachs! he gets tan just thinking about it! its sooo not fair! Brock is sooo cute! I LOVE it!