Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone's coming for dinner

A couple days ago a good friend and her kids came for dinner. Morgan made French Toast, well I made the dip she was in charge of turning it on the griddle. She came up and asked if she could be in charge of that, she makes me so proud!

What else do normal people do when getting together? Why play Super Mario of course!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun day in Salem

Don was out of town this past weekend so the kids and I headed to Salem to ride the carousel, play at the fun park next to it and a cheap lunch at Sonic. We had a great time enjoying sunshine and semi warm temperatures in the middle of January!

UPDATE: Doesn't look like the slide show is working but if you click on view all images it will take you to the show, there were way too many to post them all individually.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday was a fun day, we had some friends come over in the morning while their mom went to bible study along with some daycare kiddos. It was fun having eight kids running around the house playing. I found a game idea the other day playing hide and seek with toys instead of people, you pick a room, everyone hides their toys then the it person looks (obviously) the person who's toy is found last is it the next round. IT was a lot more fun than the regular hide and seek because kids aren't hiding in all kinds of place they shouldn't be!!! Next they settled down for some reading and coloring, it was fun to see them all getting along. I was thankful for well behaved kids, they made the morning fly by!

Abbie and Hannah

Morgan, Brock, and Tillie's blonde little head

Caid and Cale

Ty, who by the way avoided his picture being taken quite a while, little stinker!

Brock's favorite book: I Spy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey Mom!

Ha! I made a deal with my mom that if she started posting more regularly on her status with Facebook I would start being better in blogging so here goes. I don't have any pictures to share which means my poor camera needs a workout SOON! We have been busy with the usual things, daycare, homeschool, life, friends, church. Yes I said it CHURCH. After a long time of feeling not so positive about going to church I finally realized, duh by the way, that the whole things is my decision as to whether I am going to trust my pastors and the staff at a church to live right lives. Why should I let that whole politics of a church have any meaning on my walk? It's my choice, my walk, my relationship with Christ not anyone elses. Yes there have been some things in the past few years that have really challenged me and my walk and I took a major step back from church in general. I still attended a small bible study weekly and did some study things with the kids but that was it. Looking back it seems like I wasted so much time thinking about me but I also realize, I have a personal relationship with Christ that is mine, not directed or governed by anyone else, I love Him because I love Him, not because of my dad, or a pastor or anyone else. Granted we've only been to church twice but hey two weeks in a row is a big deal in the grand scheme of our lives. I am rambling but wanted to get it written down. I'm sure not many people will care but hey I've had a big lifechanging thing happen in my life recently and want to share it and also to have something to look back on to remind me where I don't want to go again. I am so thankful for the family and friends that God has put in my life, I couldn't make it without any of you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catch Up

Well, nothing much has been going on here, we barely stayed awake to ring in the New Year, in fact Don doesn't remember any of the fireworks going off in our neighborhood, we are sooo old!

New Years a friend of ours took all four kids for four hours so Don and I could have a date, as we were heading out the door, I had to snap a picture of Morgan, she looked so grown up, enough already! Oh by the way thanks Kelsey for a long date with my hubs, it was so awesome!

Brock zonked out on Don's lap, he obviously didn't make it to midnight!

Brocks version of cool!

So grown up!