Monday, June 23, 2008

My June 23rd resolutions!

Maybe I'll keep them if I do it in June instead of January and maybe if I share it with others I will do it. Our family decided to start a list for Costco and our local grocery stores to compare prices. This is all in hopes that when we receive the food ads on Tuesdays we will actually know if things are a good deal and when go to stock up at Costco we'll be able to see if we should head to the grocery store instead. Of course we'll pick our own fruits this summer when available, and we now have our own garden for some things later this summer. We are really hoping to start really cutting down our food budget. Secondly when we lived in Spokane I read this book called "Side Tracked Home Executive" through that I implemented a cleaning system that I haven't used in over a year. It is broken down by the day, month etc. You use 3x5 cards that are different colors to tell you what part of the house you need to clean on certain days, how many days a week or month of year to do it. Kind of helps me remember some of the parts I forget to do like, flip mattress, clean light fixture above kitchen table, under washer and dryer, stove, those are seasonally by the way, etc. I started using it again this morning and Morgan helped with some of my daily chores. I'm hoping to keep up on it, my house is clean but I think having a reminder for the whole family of what needs to be done will help them better understand what goes into running a household. Of course there's always the obligatory weight loss blah blah blah. So keep us in your prayers, hopefully we can encourage others and if you have any other cost cutting, cleaning ideas we would love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Hey the blog is looking great! you have been a busy girl today!

I LOVE your post, thats a GREAT idea! I am going to look that book up at our library & check it out!! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

the library had it, so I get to pick it up tomorrow morning! YAY!!

Gullett Circus said...

I bought mine several years ago and have lent it out several times over. It's so good to feel like I"m on the path to organization