Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Someone got a haircut

Well she finally did it. It doesn't look like a lot in the pictures but trust me it is! We cut off around 5 inches at her request. I will post some pictures of it washed later today.
Back before
Front before
Front after
Back after

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello again, I haven't really felt up to posting on the blog, not feeling like I had anything to say and overall feeling tired and worn out lately. We haven't been super busy lately, Don has been home every night for the past six, almost seven weeks because he was injured at work and they have him working light duty. It has changed our lives in a pretty major way as far as having him home at the same time nightly. We still don't have an exact diagnosis on what's going on with his back, shoulders or elbow but they are going to do an MRI in the next few weeks on his neck to see if they can pinpoint where the pain is coming from. Please be praying as we have approached his employer in hopes of them creating a position for him that would take him out of the truck completely. They want him to heal first and then will discuss it but pay, hours, expectations would all have to fall into place as this would be a total God's will kind of thing. We of course know how we would like His will to go but alas we aren't in control =)

Here's some pictures from the past couple weeks and I will try and post more regularly (Sorry Mom =)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veterans Day Parade

We headed to the annual Veterans Day Parade and had a great time, it didn't rain which was a miracle in itself. We didn't stay til the end because once the sun went behind the clouds it was super chilly. So thankful to our veterans for keeping us safe and risking their lives for our freedom!

Go Ducks!
This helicopter flew over several times and very close, it was pretty cool.
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They really did look like the Blues Brothers

All about Brock

Couldn't resist a picture of Brock's nap spot...he usually lays down and falls asleep instantly in his bed but evidently it wasn't as comfortable as this floor on this occasion =)
We took all the kids out for dessert the other night and we wondered if he wore more than he ate!

All clean

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi Mom, just in case you read the blog before you go to work in the morning, have a great day! Love you!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Yesterday was a nice day, Don and I got up quite early to start smoking our 22 pound turkey. It was our first and we also thought we should try it before Thanksgiving. I think we will all admit that regular turkey will never quite be as desired as smoked from now on
Brock has really gotten into coloring lately, he's quite good
Ty enjoying the leg of our turkey
Brock requested quite a lot to wash the pots, what a good helper.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy Saturday

We had a busy morning this morning. We headed to Shedd to Thompson Flour Mill (cool place by the way if you've never been.) Next up was the Albany Carousel Museum to see all the new animals and what they've done since we were there a few months ago.

Mill keepers house.
Morgan with one of the sweet mill cats.
Wheat seperator.
The parts in some of the turbines were made of ironwood and lignumvita, they said it held up better than a lot of metal would.
One of the mill stones.
A variety of the flour sacks.
The far dark colored water is Calapooia and the water with the foam on top comes from the millrace.