Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What if?

If you had the chance to live here would you?

Friday, September 26, 2008

I miss the mountains

Aren't they beautiful?

Linn County is flat, flat, FLAT. On our trip over to Montana my heart was filled with how much I miss mountains, real live honest to goodness mountains, and pine trees. We have hills here but not what I grew up with. I could stand in my sister in laws kitchen washing dishes and gaze at the mountains all day, I don't honestly know how she gets any work done with those views. I snapped a picture at the Broken Hart Ranch where they had the reception. I also in my dorkiness took a few pictures of the windmills in the Gorge. Don and my desire would be to live on a large piece of property with mountain view or even in the mountains somewhere and either use solar power or windmills, and live as much as we could off the grid. I'm not sure the point now of this post but I wanted to share my pictures I guess.

Our week

Reading Pilgrims Progress on the phone with Grandma Mary

Working away

Well like I said Don's gone again this week and will be home finally tomorrow sometime YEAH! We have been doing our homeschool. We have had some excitement with school, I actually taught Morgan how to do subtraction with borrowing, and also she knows her 0, 1, and 2 times tables. I never figured I'd be able to teach them anything to do with math so it was encouraging for me and of course for them. I think maybe I can do this just maybe =) And I've done my typical destressing activity (BAKING) I love to bake, hate to cook but baking is my favorite! I love having a full jar of cookies, so does my family. The best part is I'm not a huge fan of baked goods so they don't tempt me, I'm down ten pounds YEAH! Anyhow enjoy the pictures and if you have any good recipes feel free to send them my way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's been a while huh?

I guess not that bad but almost a week since my last post so I'll catch you up on a bit of what's been going on. Don was gone the end of last week but home for the weekend, he was Mr. Fix it and installed a new garbage disposal along with putting in all new pipes under the sink which was fun, kind of a new foray for us into the plumbing adventure. I was thankful for once to go into Home Depot and find an employee who actually knew what they were talking about and seemed genuinely invested in helping us, kind of an oddity at our local Home Depot. Don left yesterday for yet another trip to Wyoming, we are thankful as always for the miles he gets when he goes, we are getting into the typically slow time of the year so his company is doing us a favor by giving him so longer runs in order for us to make a paycheck. I had a Dr. appt this morning regarding the oh so lovely mole on my nose it has become painful in the past weeks so thought maybe it was time for another mole check. I head to a plastic surgeon/dermatologist Oct 9 for a consultation, my primary doctor said it looks cancerous to her so best to just have it removed, I don't like that word but I will be so thankful to have the witch bump off my nose (as my lovely nieces and nephews called it as youngster, aren't they sweet?) Next we headed to the dentist for a follow up on Cale's teeth. We found out last appt that one of his permanent teeth on the bottom didn't grow in with both roots so it has been a bit loose and painful for the past three months he has been on the careful side with his tooth, no corn on the cob, no biting and pulling actions in eating, the dentist told us that eventually the tooth will fall out. So today we had the miraculous news that the tooth is actually growing the missing root, not something either of us thought would happen. We are on our fourth day of homeschool and loving it. I'll admit it's difficult to get them to sit still at times when Brock and Ty are running around but we're getting there. They seem to love it, their favorite subject right now is penmanship, they are both learning cursive which is fun especially for Cale who hates handwriting. I am enjoying being the one to teach them and see how they learn. I will try and be more faithful on the blog front including pictures, they are doing a lot of dressing up in old Halloween costumes so I'm sure those will make it on here eventually. Okay enough run on sentences, etc. Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last one today!

Okay last post today and then I'm caught up I think, we came home to find our garden producing like crazy I took a picture of what I picked just his morning, it is so exciting!

Montana slide show

Okay so we're back

We left for Montana on Sunday the 7th had a stop in Spokane at our good friends house Lane and Nicole and their son Levi, it was nice to have a little break, the kids got to play and have smores for dessert and we got to see Levi he's growing so big. I will admit it now I was not quite with it the last week with my camera until the end of the week so my pictures are kind of limited during the beginning. We left Monday morning for Bozeman and got there mid afternoon. We stayed in a huge fifth wheel camper the whole week in the driveway of my sister in law LeAnn's driveway it was nice to be so close to be there to help and see all the people coming and going and it gave us a chance to spend extra time with my Nicole and Casey my niece and nephew and be involved in a lot of the discussions. The thing that honestly helped me the most is my nieces, Lisa and Rachel, who are only a few years younger than I am worked on poster boards for the memorial service of pictures so we got to go through a lot of pictures, laugh, cry and get reacquainted. Between Lisa, Rachel and then our kids there were nine kids running around under the age of 9 and then you add to that Casey when he wasn't at school who is 10 and then Nicole who is 15, she was like another adult if you ask me, she's grown into such a sweet young lady, we hung out a lot and I loved getting to know her again, we are becoming text freaks though maybe a little too much, on the way home she asked me to text her from every town so heaven only knows how many text she got but it was fun. There was a family get together on Friday night, quite a few friends showed up too but one thing I've learned about Gulletts is that if someone is a friend of the family they are automatically considered family. There were a ton of people Don and I have heard about and never met or he hadn't seen for years so there was a lot of catching up, introductions etc. I got to meet some of Don's aunts and uncles over the last week which was fun, there are some hilarious stories I would share about them but I'm afraid they'd read this and well let's just say this giving a kid oatmeal every meal until he actually eats it is mean and when I met that particular person I couldn't help but laugh which I'm sure she thought was weird but oh well I doubt I will ever see her again, oh to explain that Don hates oatmeal! I'm afraid I'm going to leave people out, we hung out with everyone Mary (MIL) did a little shopping oh and she got me pearl earrings for my bday so we had matching earrings, after the funeral and reception which was huge and very emotional for all of us we went back to the house and a few family members decided to buy me a couple bday cakes and some sherbert, it was so sweet of them to do that it kind of lightened the day a bit for me and I'm sure for a lot of others. We all look back at Cliff's life and have all been thankful for the time we got to spend with him, I am sad the reason we all got together was for the reason we did but it was so nice to feel like we were all a team getting through a tough time and I pray that the closeness we all felt will continue on through the years. Okay sorry about the marathon post I know I forgot some stuff, I am thankful to be home, Don wishes we never had to leave, I think if he could have found a job and a place to live we would not have come back. I don't know God knows the plans he has for us and I am open to whatever they are, I am thankful for friends and family more than ever and especially for my husband he is my rock, best friend, and just the best husband I could have ever prayed God would give me.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on the Gullett Family

I think all of us are still in shock over the death of Don's brother Cliff. I felt like I needed to mention that Cliff leaves behind his wife Leann, daugher Nicole 15, son Casey 10, mother Mary Plum, father Dennis, grandfather Steve Nusser, sister Paula (Doug, Lisa, Rachel), brother Rick (Cindy, Michael, Amy, Tracy), brother Doug (Mona, Jennifer), brother Dale (Carol, Chance, Colt), brother Don (Heather, Morgan, Cale, Ty, Brock) many many great nieces and nephews. We all appreciated your prayers and support. Cliff died doing something he loved and was supported by his friends and family in all he did. Please continue to pray for healing, comfort, and peace for everyone involved. Go to http://teambullett.com/ it might better explain what he had been driving and some of his achievements on his motorcycle. He owned his own motorsports store in Bozeman http://team-bozeman.com/

Front Row Left to Right: Mary, Paula, Doug, Cliff
Back Row Left to Right: Don, Dale, Rick

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Please be praying

We received news this afternoon that Don's brother Cliff was killed in a motorcycle accident in Utah this afternoon. Please be praying for the family he leaves behind a wife and two kids.

Just a few odds and ends

I have a few pictures to share so I guess I'll do it all at once. Brock has been SUPER picky with eating lately so I am thrilled any time he eats anything. I got this shot this morning, he was devouring some toast with homemade boysenberry jam on them. The next one is Morgan and Cale doing some school work. We don't have all the books yet so we used what we had. I am combining them in Science and History so today we started Exploring God's World and learned about the nervous system. They were both upset when it was over and wanted to continue on, I'm glad they have so much excitement this early, I just pray it continues. The final shipment of their books should come on the 9th so we are going to begin full curriculum on the 10th, we are so excited. I'll keep you updated on what we're learning etc. as it comes along.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ty's 5!

Blowing out the candles

He got money from Grandma Mary, Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jo, and the Gullett's in Louisiana too! He's rich!

He was so excited to get a guitar, he's been wanting a "real" one for a long time.

Ty turned 5 on Saturday but with all of our activities we did his cake yesterday. He requested yet again a John Deere cake but also decided he wanted a guitar cake so Don being the creative one came up with this creation. We think it's pretty awesome, and it goes along with the guitar that Grandma Kathy got him for his birthday. He has been playing it every chance he gets, we caught him yesterday with his door closed making up songs it was so cute.