Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day of School Fun

The kids had their last half day of school today. We all watched the fifth graders set off rockets and then Ty, Brock and I headed to the library for storytime and puppet show and then back to school to pick up Morgan and Cale. Then we headed home and set up the Welcome to Summer signs, they were so surprised, and had a great time trying to break through them, all that happened was the tape broke but now they can save them which seems to be a special treat for them too. Next it was a picnic at a local park and then ice cream cones from McDonalds. We headed home at 3 and then picked up Don from work at 4, he hasn't been home all week so even this was a fun surprise. Cale is spending the night at his friends tonight so I think he may be just a "little" exhausted tomorrow. It was a fun day, I found myself near tears a couple times, feeling thankful that I could spend time like this with my kids and not be out driving in the middle of farm country every day. We may not be as well off as we were in the past but I am so thankful to be able to spend all this time with my kids and so thankful the paper route is OVER!!! NO MORE HOMEWORK, NO MORE BOOKS, NO MORE TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS!!!!! Enjoy the pictures

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