Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dollar Bowling

The kids had a dentist appt Tuesday and did a great job. NO CAVITIES again! Yeah! Good job guys. I decided the night before if they did well at the appt we would go bowling. Lakeshore Lanes through at least the month of June has dollar bowling on Tuesdays so each game is $1 per person instead of $3.50 so a great deal. Anyhow, I snapped a few pictures, I was shocked by their scores even with bumpers they did a great job, Morgan got a little crazy with one shot and threw her ball down someone elses lane, it was so cute but man has that girl got an arm on her. Brock just sat back and relaxed in the stroller, he loves balls so I think just watching them was a huge entertainment for him. He loves Cale and can say his name so every time Cale would bowl he would yell really loud CALE and clap it was cute. I had to include a picture of the scores for both games because frankly I was shocked!

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Anonymous said...

that looks like a BLAST!! I wish we still had a bowling alley!! ours burned down back in 1996 =(