Monday, July 21, 2008

Success finally!

We headed to the coast Sunday, it was beautiful and windy as usual which was a good sign for my determined husband. We had much success except for Morgan's kite which is just retarded. We decided the thing would rather do headstands on the ground than fly. The other thing we realized on our little adventure is that kite flying is boring. After the kites are up in the air there is nothing to do but stand there, watch and then your arms get tired so they all flew for about fifteen minutes and then the kids were asking us to hold their kites so they could play in the sand. I love the coast so just hanging out for me is worth all the kite hassles in the world. The pictures are in the post above! My first slide show, how exciting!

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Tammy said...

LOL!! ya, we always have great intentions of flying our kites & then forget them ;) I guess were not missing much ;) great job on your first slide show!!