Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our fun day!

Morgan and Harrison horsing around

Cheesy Abby

Ty and Hayden, this was supposed to be their mean picture

Brock just learned to jump so they were being jumping beans

Ty just learned to climb a tree this morning so he and Cale spent a lot of time up there with the other boys, he's so proud of himself.

Yesterday was not one of my better days on the daycare front. I think every single one of us was a bit grumpy so we were all thankful when the day was over! We had an extra kid that is a bit of a button pusher and let me tell you he pushed all of our buttons so needless to say today has been so much better. I decided to snap a few pictures to be able to look back on when we have rough days in the future. I love the kids I watch but just like with my own kids we all have off days. The kids all spend so much time together they fight like siblings instead of friends so we have our fair share of pushing, hitting, kicking and yes the occasional biting so it is refreshing when they love each other too.


Danielle said...

Was Hayden your button pusher? I am sorry for the rough day. I told you to just lock them in the closet!!!!

Gullett Circus said...

Nope it was Abby's brother totally not Hayden!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you made it through! Wish I could have been here to make you a coffee or somthing! ((((HUGS))))

the kids are all cute! love the one in the tree!

The Daileys said...

Do I ever hear you... Great idea to take pictures of the good days... it can feel like there aren't enough of them when the button pushers have their day. Keep it up!