Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look what we saw

This morning I'm laying in bed and hear this weird noise, I know what weekend it is mind you but I couldn't figure out what the noise was. So suddenly it dawns on me and I go running outside in my pajamas to gaze at the beauty of dozens of hot air balloons going right over my head. Cale was the only one up so I gave him the camera of course and we captured a few pictures. It is the Art and Air Festival and all three days this weekend they set off hot air balloons at 7am, last night they had a night glow where they tether a few hot air balloons to the ground and after dark they do the fire thing where they light them up at night, it's so cool, we didn't go this year because DON'S HOME, he got home around 8:15 so we decided to bask in the greatness that is Don instead of watching some boring old balloons =) Another cool thing this weekend is our little airport offers really cheap twenty minute flights over town and young eagle classes for 8-17 year olds to take a little class and then get to go up and "fly" with an instructor. I think we'll wait til next year and Morgan and Cale can do it together.