Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new diagnosis

Well my young son was finally diagnosed yesterday with asthma. Brock has been dealing with chronic croup almost his entire 2 years of life. Anytime he gets a runny nose here comes the croup, or at least that's what they called it until yesterday. We saw a different doctor than we usually see and she looked through his medical history closely and asked some questions I've never been asked before like does he have a hard time breathing out or in and have we tried the nebulizer and does it work. We were told the medicine they give him in the office is treats both asthma and croup so that was an interesting discovery. Anyhow, Brock has trouble breathing out and does wheeze when he gets into his coughing fits, etc. Our new course of treatment is as soon as he gets a cold we are to whip out the nebulizer and albuterol and help him that way. He had the medicine in the office yesterday and two breathing treatments between then and bedtime and had a great night. Usually he coughs so hard at night he throws up and that did not happen. I am thankful for a new diagnosis and that this is something that can be helped unlike croup, just wish we hadn't have gone through the whole tubes in the ears and adnoid removal to get to this point, a little uneccessary for sure. Okay I've rambled enough just needed to get my thoughts down. I'm hoping to get him allergy tested when he is old enough to find out if there is anything that brings on the asthma besides colds.

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Tammy said...

just a quick note to say I was here! Brock is such a cutie! glad he is breathing better! hope your having a great weekend!