Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bread beautiful bread

Some may think this is the lamest post ever but I was so excited yesterday I had to share. I have been researching bread pans and found a great deal on a Le Creuset stoneware bread pan and tried it out yesterday for the first time. The loaf came out so beautifully, I only bought the one so did the other loaf in my regular pan, I'm going to try the pan a few more times to make sure yesterday wasn't a fluke but I'm thinking these may be the bread pans that last the rest ofmy life! Woohoo!

The one on the right is the one with my new pan isn't it a beauty?


Jeremy and Ang said...

woo hoo...looking forward to bread when i get home. :o)

Bjk2alew said...

now that is one beautiful loaf of bread. May need to look into those pans. For now my dollar store ones will have to do.