Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My vacuum cleaner boys

Seems we must have the cleanest carpet in the neighborhood, we've now vacuumed three times today, I did once this morning and Cale did this afternoon and now he and Brock are going at it again. I think we all get grossed out every time we empty the canister to see how much dog hair, etc. is in our carpets. Hey at least I have kids that like to help do it I guess, one interesting little thing Don pointed out was that our furnace filter doesn't have to be changed as often lately because of the new vacuum, the idea of that kind of grosses me out and excites me at the same time. Who doesn't love a little cleaner air to breath? Let me add our carpets aren't in need of vacuuming this often but we've grown so used to having them freshly done that it's almost an obsession now!

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Jeremy and Ang said...

such good kids you have. they vacuumed our house too while we girls were gone to costco. i should vacuum more...its just the whole stair issue...ya know. hehehehe