Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More storage

I think the theme of March for us was storage, storage, storage. My lovely husband has been whining for what seems like years for a shed. We are still not accustomed to not having a basement. In Spokane we always had storage in our basement and could park in the garage or at least just have lawn equipment but at the houses we've had in Oregon there aren't basements, thus our garage turns into a storage unit. It contains hand me down clothes, toys, bikes, wood working tools, lawn equipment, freezer, misc. junk I mean stuff! We found an awesome deal on craigslist this past weekend a 10x12 metal shed never assembled for $100 we found the same one online for $550 so Friday night we went and picked it up. Saturday we spent the afternoon in the rain putting together the floor and putting in the gravel it would sit on. Sunday we braved the moody weather, sunny, rainy, windy, calm and put up the shed. We both ended up with sunburned faces but found we do work well together on contruction projects. I vow to never put together a metal shed again, it was a PAIN! We hope this next weekend to load the shed full and organize the garage so that I can finally park in it! I am so excited about that and Don is excited to have an organized garage. I don't know what we will do when our house is completely organized, hmm maybe start an organization business, NOT! Anyhow, here's a super exciting picture of our shed along with some yard toys I didn't feel like moving!

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