Monday, March 16, 2009


I finally broke down this past week and took Cale to a real barber, I must say barbers are quite talented people, I think from now on if Cale keeps his hair longer we will continue going to this guy. He is looking like such a young man, Ty on the other hand is begging us to buzz his hair off again, we are putting that off in case he changes his mind AGAIN!

Brock has really been in to standing on a chair at the island while Don and I cook and naming all the ingredients, this past weekend Don let him stir up the pancake batter, he was so proud of himself. Don reminded me that while Brock was stirring the batter he kept calling Morgan, Cale, and Ty asking them to come watch. He at one point was yelling "Hurry up, look me doing" Another good husband in training I hope!

We purchased a new to us entertainment center on craigslist, it turned out to be much larger than we thought when we got it home so we in turn had to rearrange our entire living room, it has made the toy area much bigger which is great for the daycare. The entertainment center has so much storage we can fit all our dvd's, xbox games and I'm hoping our vhs movies, we however don't have a vhs player anymore so we are looking for one of those on our beloved craigslist, too. The whole purpose behind the center was our tv of 16 or 17 years bit the dust and some dear friends of ours gave us, I repeat gave us a tv. It still amazes Don and I that someone would bless us this way and we want to say to that couple thank you so much again, we so appreciate you guys and your friendship!


Jeremy and Ang said...

:o) that couple loves, appreciates, and values your friendship just as much. we can't wait to see you again. going to miss you while on vacation. Love you guys...

amybaley said...

Have you found a VHS player yet? I have one that I'll give you.