Monday, April 6, 2009

A Sad Farewell

Don's Grandpa Steve Nusser passed away yesterday at the ripe old age of 97. He would have been 98 on July 4th. I can't even begin to list all the family he leaves behind so many grandchildren and great grandchildren along with his daughter, Don's mom Mary who cared for him for the past twenty or so years. I learned from grandpa how to communicate with my elders. I was not raised around elderly people so I had no idea how to have a relationship with anyone older than my own parents. He was a funny man, he definetly had selective hearing. Mary would yell at him and he would completely ignore her and I would whisper something and he would hear me and then wink with a mischevious grin on his face. He had such great stories of fishing, roofing, working and how he lost his thumb in a work accident. He will definetly be missed by all of us but I know I will see him again . He is in heaven with his other children and his wife where he is whole, complete and can fish with God for eternity! God Speed Grandpa!

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Tammy said...

HUGS! praying for you guys!