Sunday, March 1, 2009

My sweet Morgan!

Don decided to let Morgan have a chance to make something all by herself. She was like a little professional baker. Don was shocked when she frosted the cake not really needing any help, it looked great, no cake showing through or anything. I think them helping me so much in the kitchen is paying off with their confidence for sure. One funny thing Don said Morgan commented on was that I hadn't gotten out the camera to take pictures of her making the cake so he got a few and then when he told me what she had said there I was snapping away. I love the one of her presenting her cake, Don took that one! Morgan is going to make a great wife and mom someday for sure!

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Jeremy and Ang said...

yes she is going to. i need to take baking lessons from you two ladies. I should have eaten a piece. but i was really full. :o)