Monday, June 29, 2009

What's new we're busy!

We had a fairly productive weekend, Don was home every night last week which was awesome except for Friday night which turned into most of Saturday also. His work has given him a kind of promotion into a truck with more responsibility and danger much to my chagrin. He will be driving a steer logger which can haul super long things and sounds rather scary to me but also to know they trust him is a big deal. Anything for more job security is good right now! There isn't a pay raise unless he hauls long loads but I think after doing the job for so long it will end some of the boredom at least for a little while. Anyhow, he spent a majority of the day Saturday moving his stuff from one truck to the other and cleaning out the "new" truck of all the junk the previous driver left behind, annoying. The kids and I did a little garage saleing, we didn't find many good deals until I happened upon two, yes 2, you read that corrrect, two free rototillers. They both need a little work which Don has much experience in! I had to make two trips in the van to get them and was so excited with the surprise but when Don got home before I could even show him Cale says you have two new rototillers, ugh, he's such a turd sometimes! We are planning this next year to expand the garden and add corn, potatoes, carrots, and beets and who knows what else and the rototillers will help a lot. Don is also hoping to do a little rototilling for money this spring, we'll see. Hmm what else, oh we have a completely sprinkler obsessed dog which makes watering anything especially the garden almost impossible so my darling hubby bought two sprinkler heads, some tubing and other plumbing items and constructed a sprinkler system for the garden, all I have to do is connect the hose to one end and voila watering heaven. We are contemplating carrying it even further to encompass the rest of the yard, I told him whatever makes watering easier for me makes it more likely that it will happen. The yard I grew up with was sprinkler he-double toothpick (sorry Mom) you had to move the sprinkler tons of times and it was a huge yard, oh and guess what they got after I moved out, a sprinkler system, dorks!!!! Anyhow, we've been busy, have a somewhat lighter week on the daycare front so hoping to do some berry picking on either Wednesday or Friday, so posts about that to come soon.

I love this new hat I found for Morgan at Target $2.50

Playing with my camera again, no my leaves are not grey, lol!

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