Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hmm, can't think of a title.

My camera seems to have been hibernating in my kitchen pantry this past week so i finally took a picture with it this morning. In the past week I have had to say goodbye to two different families in the daycare both because school got out, one will return this fall while the other won't. It's bittersweet, on one hand I am glad they get to be home with their families while on the other hand I will miss them, too. God has been constantly providing in the daycare area and amazingly I found out one of the mom's is going back to work after being laid off for a few months along with her also giving my name to her hairdresser who needs me occasionally. I am learning not to worry as God is giving us what we need and before I even get that worrywart hat out.

I haven't taken any pictures of the kids, I would right now but they are still in bed maybe later when they are running through the sprinkler with Ben again! Anyhow, I found these bar stools at a garage sale this weekend, they are Samsonite and the lady I got them from said she bought them in the 40's when her five kids were younger and they held up, haha! They are southwest style in the fabric but I can look past it because hey there's four, they were cheap, and they're what we've been looking for for almost a year now! Oh and I got an sack that was used for flake butter? It held 100 pounds so that might give you an idea of the size. I would love to do some sort of craft thing with it but am drawing a blank. Oh its a creamy color, oh forget it let me take a picture. It's 40 inches wide when it's opened all the way and 33 inches high. Any ideas? Oh I only paid 50 cents for it too so not a huge investment!

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