Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing new and exciting here!

I figured I'd post so certain people would know that I was still alive! This last week Don was gone so I was in survival mode, we went on a few walks until the weather and pollen got the best of me, meaning heat! This past weekend we did yard work ooh lala, and planted some more plants in our garden (more pea plants, basil, and our missing cucumber) One of our plants died and the other was carried off by a random bird! I have no pictures to share which you will be thankful for since Ty decided at one point it was great fun to run naked through the sprinkle while whipping his swim trunks around over his head, lol! Actually I do have a picture but will not be sharing on here, it is being saved for his future wife! I'm alive and will try and find something exciting to share including pictures soon.

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