Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gorgeous hiking again at McDowell Creek

Another day another hike it seems. The kids and I decided to skip the free Home Depot kids workshop today because it looked kind of lame and instead go on a hike. We went to McDowell Creek again but took the long route this time and let me tell you it was amazingly beautiful. I didn't take my camera this time, just my phone and took one measly picture and a cool video that I texted to Don who is on his way home as I type this.I can't figure out how to send the video from my phone to my computer oh well, at least I got one picture. The pollen seems to be dying down here a bit so it was nice to get outdoors again! Hope you are having a great weekend. I've got cinnamon rolls in the oven baking for our breakfast in the morning, yummy!

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