Monday, June 22, 2009

Our choice to Homeschool

I was reading a blog the other day and they commented on the negative aspects of homeschooling, including keeping your kids in a bubble, feeling morally superior to parents who did not, and trying to raise perfect children. First of all if I have made anyone feel like my choice is better than theirs, I apologize. We chose for our own family to homeschool and after our first year I am so thankful that we did. We did not have good experiences in public school and honestly coming from a private school upbringing myself I didn't see much difference between the private and public school settings. My daugher was being physically bullied at her school and the staff did nothing to protect her. My children were not being challenged which left them bored and hating school. AND I have felt since we had our first child that God had called me to homeschool them. I would hope that any parent that homeschools in a Christian home would pray and know without question that God called them to teach their children at home. I realize this choice is not for everyone and it shouldn't be. But please don't look down on me for my choice either. I have happier, more content and intelligent children and if that changes so may our decision but for now God has them where they are supposed to be. As I do not judge you for how you educate your children, please do not judge me either.

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