Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's the simple things

I sit at my computer this morning with the smell of fresh baked bread in the air. The kids have just finished writing letters to all their "admirers" grandmas, pen pals, uncles, aunts, etc. It's sad that our world has gotten so technologically oriented, I don't know about you but to get a hand written letter in the mail from the post office, not in my inbox makes my entire day. To know someone sat down and took the time in their own penmanship to write a letter just is such a blessing. The kids will be waiting with baited breath for the next couple weeks to hear back from everyone. If you think of someone remember to pick up the phone or send them a real snail mail letter. I've had many instances when I've thought of someone but not made the effort of contact and then find out later they could have really used that little extra during that time. Appreciate the simple things, they aren't as simple as you may think!

What's more simple or homey than fresh baked apple pie?

Brock didn't write any letters but he's too cute to leave him out.

Cale, notice how long his hair is???!!!

Ty adding his personal touches.

Morgan decided to stand and write all her letters, silly girl.


Anonymous said...

Oh How fun! I totally agree with you on this! I LOVE to get letters in the "snail" mail! we still habd write "thank-you" to Aunts,Uncles, Grandparents & Great Grandparents after B'days, Christmas gifts etc... Its a great way to teach them how to honor & respect ;)

50s Housewife said...

I love to get "real" letters too. There's nothing like it.