Friday, February 6, 2009

Had to throw in a cute one of Ben, he would take a bath with the kids if I let him yuck!

Thursday was an interesting day in our house. Cale made some yummy blueberry/boysenberry muffins for breakfast which we loved and the rest of our day was pretty uneventful until bathtime. I realized that Brock had never had a bubble bath so I decided it was time, I got some great shots as you can see but afterwards the floor in the bathroom was majorly slippery, anyhow Brock stepped on the two inches that I didn't have covered with towels and bonked his chin on the floor, he split the inside of his top lip for like the 100th time and got a rather nasty bruise on his chin. But hey the bath was a success until that point!

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Anonymous said...

OUCH!! poor kid! I Love the bath pics! & WOW Ben is sure getting big!!