Monday, February 2, 2009

I feel like a failure today!

Well here is a confession post, I need to write it down and hopefully it will make it seem like not as big of a deal. I have mentioned in the past that Brock is stubborn and that has been a real sore point with he and I with his teeth. I literally have to pin him down to brush his teeth every night. I noticed last week one of his front teeth looked chipped or cracked or something so we took him in to the dentist today. He has two, yes two, cavities on the backs of his front teeth. The dentist told me there wasn't anything we could have done to prevent it because of the way his teeth are but I'm so mad at myself right now. The other three have, knock on wood, no cavities or tooth issues so I guess Brock is making up for all of them. The dentist wants to wait six months and look at them again before we take any steps to repair them. Because of his age he is going to have to go under general anesthesia to get them fixed, I can only imagine what he'd be like if they tried to do it when he was awake. We have special mouth wash we have to use three times a day, I have to figure out how to floss in that little mouth without being bitten, oh and he is a little addicted to having water in bed with him at night and thats not allowed anymore either. I tried yesterday to take away his pacifier at bedtime, at naps he cried so hard he threw up so I gave it back and then I tried again last night and he cried for an hour and I felt horrible so we are going to try and take it away when he's more ready or maybe when I am. Oh sure I let my kid get cavities and he still has a bink, only in bed but still. Wow, I feel a bit better, writing has always done that for me, too bad I can't turn that into an income earner huh? Thanks for reading my rant/confession/whine session.

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