Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I seem to be doing a lot of updates lately not just regular posts, sorry. We had the free Home Depot kids project on Saturday, they made art easels to display their art on, it was fun, and we got there just in time, they ran out of projects right after we got there. I took my camera but unfortunately forgot to take any pictures. We finally put up our tree on Sunday, it was a lot of fun the ornaments are kind of hung all together in certain areas but I'm leaving it, the kids had an awesome time and I love looking and seeing what they see as beautiful. I'm going to be sad to take all of the decorations down the house feels so cozy and warm. My first venture into candy making happened yesterday, I finally made caramels and they were a huge success. It was a lot of work wrapping them when I was done but I have had tremendous positive feedback from the people who have sampled them, they were even compared to See's candy yummy. Don is continuing to stay busy with work, thank God for providing a job with employers who value him and keep him busy. He just reached his six year mark with the company and I am so thankful he has stuck it out with them. I know he doesn't neccesarily enjoy the job I know he does it to support us and I am thankful for that. School is going well for the kids I am thankful that I get to teach them at home. Ty is beginning to read we can actually tell him a word and he can sound most of them out to spell them amazing how quickly he's caught on. Morgan is doing great with division and multiplication, it's hard but so cool to see when she gets it. Cale is still loving penmanship and breezing through everything else it seems. Brock is still a bruiser, he is talking a ton more and imitates us a lot. Anyhow, I'm posting some pictures of our tree, enjoy!

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