Monday, December 15, 2008

COLD Weekend!

Okay I'm all for cold weather when I'm inside but we weren't this weekend. We headed to Storybook Land which is indoors but not heated and then church on Sunday. We limited our outings but man it was cold, my body is so not used to these temperatures anymore. Last night we headed to a local store for Don to try on a pair of workboots and when we came out we found that it was snowing, lots, as of this morning it's still on the ground and with temps still in the mid 20's it looks to not be melting anytime soon. Public schools are closed today so I have a full house, we have already made caramel, magazine folded christmas trees, sugar cookies that we will decorate this afternoon, and I'm trying to find more activities since we have Ben droppings in the back yard so playing back there isn't a great idea, gross. Anyhow I took some cute pictures that I'll add in a slide show. Hope you all are safe and warm.

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