Saturday, December 20, 2008


Out our back door on Friday morning.

Morgan making caramels, yummy

Our first snow fall, my poor roses are now trimmed back.

We've had some unusual weather as it sounds like most of the country has had. Public schools here were closed Monday, Tuesday, and Friday which didn't effect ours obviously since we homeschool. I had a couple extra kids because of it and of course they all wanted to play outside but we had little droppings in our yard that hadn't been cleaned up, well I'm sure you catch my drift. I took the week of Christmas off because of Morgan's bday and family visiting. We are so excited for our visit from my mom, brother, sister in law, and my niece. I have been baking away as usual, we've made three batches of caramel, 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies and I have peanut butter cookies in the oven. Don asked me to take some to his coworkers this next week so baking away I go! We finished our Christmas shopping today and now it's on to wrapping, I hate wrapping presents but it sounds like Don is going to help which should make it much more enjoyable. I am so excited about some of the gifts but will share after since the kids read this blog. Hope you are staying warm and safe this weekend, and my prayers are with everyone during the holidays for peace among family and friends.

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