Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy day in the kitchen

Cale and his slicked down hair making blueberry muffins

Ty making apple cake

Decorating the jars

We've been so busy today in the kitchen. Cale made blueberry muffins for breakfast, Ty made apple cake this afternoon, and then tonight after dinner we decorated some jars and filled them with Ginger Spice Bread Mix for the ladies that watch the kids during bible study on Thursday mornings. Tomorrow is our last day of bible study until January so decided we wanted to give them a little something as a thank you for all they do. Morgan wants me to note that it is not daycare they sing, do bible study and crafts! I know almost nine year olds and seven year olds don't need daycare I guess, maybe she doesn't realize I do daycare for kids that age, oh well weirdo. Oh and the kids are wearing the aprons I made them out of the extra Christmas fabric, I know it's a little Sound of Music but they look adorable and the kids love them.

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Tammy said...

I love how much you do with the kids! & the apron are cute! I LOVE them! I want some ;) your so talented girl!!!