Monday, September 1, 2008

Ty's 5!

Blowing out the candles

He got money from Grandma Mary, Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Jo, and the Gullett's in Louisiana too! He's rich!

He was so excited to get a guitar, he's been wanting a "real" one for a long time.

Ty turned 5 on Saturday but with all of our activities we did his cake yesterday. He requested yet again a John Deere cake but also decided he wanted a guitar cake so Don being the creative one came up with this creation. We think it's pretty awesome, and it goes along with the guitar that Grandma Kathy got him for his birthday. He has been playing it every chance he gets, we caught him yesterday with his door closed making up songs it was so cute.


Tammy said...

i LOVE these pics! that smile with all the money is priceless! & that guitar is great!

The Daileys said...

How wonderfully adorable and what a great cake! You should record him from the other side of the closed door :) hee hee!