Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just a few odds and ends

I have a few pictures to share so I guess I'll do it all at once. Brock has been SUPER picky with eating lately so I am thrilled any time he eats anything. I got this shot this morning, he was devouring some toast with homemade boysenberry jam on them. The next one is Morgan and Cale doing some school work. We don't have all the books yet so we used what we had. I am combining them in Science and History so today we started Exploring God's World and learned about the nervous system. They were both upset when it was over and wanted to continue on, I'm glad they have so much excitement this early, I just pray it continues. The final shipment of their books should come on the 9th so we are going to begin full curriculum on the 10th, we are so excited. I'll keep you updated on what we're learning etc. as it comes along.

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Tammy said...

thats great that they are loving it that much! YAY!! I love the pictures, Brock is so cute & Morgan too ;)