Friday, September 26, 2008

I miss the mountains

Aren't they beautiful?

Linn County is flat, flat, FLAT. On our trip over to Montana my heart was filled with how much I miss mountains, real live honest to goodness mountains, and pine trees. We have hills here but not what I grew up with. I could stand in my sister in laws kitchen washing dishes and gaze at the mountains all day, I don't honestly know how she gets any work done with those views. I snapped a picture at the Broken Hart Ranch where they had the reception. I also in my dorkiness took a few pictures of the windmills in the Gorge. Don and my desire would be to live on a large piece of property with mountain view or even in the mountains somewhere and either use solar power or windmills, and live as much as we could off the grid. I'm not sure the point now of this post but I wanted to share my pictures I guess.

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