Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's been a while huh?

I guess not that bad but almost a week since my last post so I'll catch you up on a bit of what's been going on. Don was gone the end of last week but home for the weekend, he was Mr. Fix it and installed a new garbage disposal along with putting in all new pipes under the sink which was fun, kind of a new foray for us into the plumbing adventure. I was thankful for once to go into Home Depot and find an employee who actually knew what they were talking about and seemed genuinely invested in helping us, kind of an oddity at our local Home Depot. Don left yesterday for yet another trip to Wyoming, we are thankful as always for the miles he gets when he goes, we are getting into the typically slow time of the year so his company is doing us a favor by giving him so longer runs in order for us to make a paycheck. I had a Dr. appt this morning regarding the oh so lovely mole on my nose it has become painful in the past weeks so thought maybe it was time for another mole check. I head to a plastic surgeon/dermatologist Oct 9 for a consultation, my primary doctor said it looks cancerous to her so best to just have it removed, I don't like that word but I will be so thankful to have the witch bump off my nose (as my lovely nieces and nephews called it as youngster, aren't they sweet?) Next we headed to the dentist for a follow up on Cale's teeth. We found out last appt that one of his permanent teeth on the bottom didn't grow in with both roots so it has been a bit loose and painful for the past three months he has been on the careful side with his tooth, no corn on the cob, no biting and pulling actions in eating, the dentist told us that eventually the tooth will fall out. So today we had the miraculous news that the tooth is actually growing the missing root, not something either of us thought would happen. We are on our fourth day of homeschool and loving it. I'll admit it's difficult to get them to sit still at times when Brock and Ty are running around but we're getting there. They seem to love it, their favorite subject right now is penmanship, they are both learning cursive which is fun especially for Cale who hates handwriting. I am enjoying being the one to teach them and see how they learn. I will try and be more faithful on the blog front including pictures, they are doing a lot of dressing up in old Halloween costumes so I'm sure those will make it on here eventually. Okay enough run on sentences, etc. Have a great night!

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Tammy said...

dont you just love getting things done around the house!?! YAY! I am glad Don is getting the hours! praying for you & the kids (& him too) while he is gone! praying for your mole also (that sounds funny LOL) I dont care for that word either! I will be prayings its nothing! thats great about Cales tooth! YAY! & another yay for the homeschooling going good! I dont know how you do it!