Monday, December 12, 2011


Hmmm, a day late oh well. We headed to church and had a good time. We have gone to the early traditional service two weekends in a row. Can't say that I am a huge fan of hymns but I love the people there. We had to greet two people older than us and one that was younger and Don and I didn't have anyone younger than us to greet. We were quite popular as the youngers though haha. The kids really enjoy the sunday school that they have during first service more than second so we do it for them. The preaching is the same both services so maybe we will meet some great grandma/grandpa type people through this. The two older kids went to the mennonite home with the choir and sang carols for people living there and we ended our evening watching a football game (So bummed for the cowboys, the last few seconds were super frustrating) and then the season finale of amazing race, also bummed that one of our favorite teams didn't win, also thankful our antenna lets us see regular network programming so well, and Brock finished his treehouse he's been working on all week. So cute. Don't know what super exciting things Monday will hold but I will share none the less =)Oh and after looking through pictures we also fingerpainted as you can see.

Don did a little painting on Cale with the spray snow

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