Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today the older kids had dress rehearsal for the Christmas program and we delivered the props, etc. Had to do some tweeking on the stuff I made which was no surprise but as always Don's products always impress! It was fun to hang out with the younger two kids today, it was much quieter =) Don spent a few hours this afternoon chatting with our pastor about our future, etc. I think it was good for him to have someone completely removed from our situation to listen and give helpful words. Oh and I realized last night that I don't get to sleep in until next year. Every day of the week I have daycare and then weekends the kids have to be at rehearsal on Saturday and then Sunday is church. My night owl personality doesn't let me fall asleep easily at night so I am tired. Good thing I can catch little cat naps during the day or it would SUCK! Still haven't put up the Christmas tree but I am nearing the end of one Christmas gift project for the kids, woohoo, they are going to be so excited =) Night all, wonder what boring thing I can think to write about tomorrow. Is anybody out there?

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