Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still alive again!

I seem to be a broken record with the fact that we are still alive. We've now been thru Halloween, and Thanksgiving and not really taken many pictures, also our home internet charges for our data usage so uploading or whatever you call putting pictures on the blog or facebook is not super cheap for us to do. It has been brough to my attention that people still read my blog and would like a little more info into what is going on in our lives. Things are tough, I will not lie finances are about to become nonexistent besides the daycare and we cannot physically survive on just that so any and all prayers for that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanksgiving this year was fun, my mom, my brother and his family came for a visit and we got to meet my nephew for the first time and the cousins all had an awesome time hanging out together. It was fun to get to know my sister in law better and find some odd things we have in common, like scary movies and of course crafting =) Almost everyone worked on sewing some christmas ornaments while they were here. I admit I stupidly didn't use my camera much so not much evidence of said good time. We have also finally organized our garage and made it into usable space for working on miscellaneous projects and also given Don a place to get away from the noise that tends to reach high decibles around here during the day. 
Christmas is on it's way and we are furiously handmaking things trying to finish so they can be mailed for the big day. I wish I could share but alas you that read also receive in some instances. I guess I will take pictures and post them later =)
I think I am going to try a picture or post a day with some info of our day. Today Don is going to work on some prop type things for our churches Christmas play and I will be making salt dough cookies and Christmas vests also for the play. My older kids are in the crew so they are excited. They love the behind the scenes things, they are also getting to know kids at church which we are loving. Most of them homeschool which helps them all understand each other much better.

Anyhow, I will post a picture if it will download of our Thanksgiving fun.

Tisha trying to fix my stupid serger, it's still in my closet ha!

Jason and my boys crawling around on the garage floor.

Don putting the checkerboard on our friend Riley's cake

Finished product

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