Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a day today has been!

I sit here at the computer in tears. I had such hope that we would have a president that I could respect and be proud of but it seems God had other plans for our country. I think we are in for a very scary next four years! I voted for McCain so if and when the country starts regretting their decision I can say hey it's not my fault right? I know I'm venting but I am so disappointed as are the kids and Don! My prayer will be that men of God will surround Obama and his heart will be changed, thats all I can do right now I guess. Sorry for the political post, just needed to share my heart! God bless our country as we head into the next four years.

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The Daileys said...

I read this... but after I had already posted my blog. I posted it because I needed an attitude readjustment, not in correction of others... though I know many people that are pretty disugusted and put their hopes in a man while suconciously forgetting about the One who never left "office"... and can never be voted in or out. Don't sweat it- we all struggle with this at election time.... no matter who wins. I guess I predicted that Obama would get the presidential race a while ago. I was more concerend with the moral issues at stake here locally. No matter what it is, I gotta realign my heart. (posted on my blog too...)