Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bargain Alert

For those of you here in the Albany area this post is for you! Albertsons has their turkeys 23 cents a pound after you spend $25 in the store. The other stores in the area you have to spend more money to get that price so for us this is the best deal. We don't do much shopping at the grocery store anymore mostly Costco but $25 shouldn't be that difficult. Don wants me to try and get a few this year so we'll see if I can make a month menu in order to find enough to buy at the store to make it worth it. Oh and we've stuck to our menu so far, well except for Monday the kids and I walked to Costco to get milk and ended up having sausages for lunch there instead of eating at home. It is so nice to be able to look at the menu and know what to prepare etc, I can't believe I haven't done it before, I'm a little behind the times on that one I guess, huh?

Update: I just spent $4.14 for an 18 lb turkey yeah! I plan on going back in the next couple days to get a couple more to stock the freezer! YEAH!

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