Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Fun Saturday!

Right before we had a huge leaf fight we were so dirty by the time we got home.

They are the cutest aren't they?

All in a row

Just the right place for a gap in the railing for Brock

Ty had a blast

Morgan was not impressed with the seagulls eating the ducks bread

Darn seagulls!

Don is on his way to North Dakota this weekend so it's just the kids and I and our no eating off the menu life. Today was finally sunny so we walked to the park and fed the ducks with bread I've been saving for the past couple months. We had a great time and I got a few cute pictures. We came home and raked the leaves in the back yard and cleaned up all the toys back there. I'm hoping to mow one more time before the real rain starts. We're heading to church tomorrow and that about wraps up our excitement woohoo aren't we thrilling?

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