Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It was a long and relaxing weekend. We spent a good amount of Saturday burning leaves in our backyard. It was a little tough with wet leaves but still enjoyable. We definetly wished for a larger piece of property in which to do it on but also thankful for what we have now =) Sunday was another burn day and Monday I had a little quilting club in which we made placemats. I learned some interesting techniques, can't say that those mats will ever adorn my table (they pick the fabric) but got to hang out with some fun ladies and learn a ton. Oh and the Value Village half off sale, score!!! Boys are set for nice button up shirts for the winter! I am lame and haven't been taking pictures but I'm updating on here none the less. I am also not missing Facebook as much. I might just continue this for longer as it seems to help me focus more on what is really important like crafting, lol.

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