Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprise, surprise more camping pictures.

We had another great weekend, nice weather and very relaxed. Saturday we got up early to head to the beach for low tide and ended up staying on the beach for three hours, we found a ton of starfish and moved them to deeper water, it was amazing. Later in the afternoon Don ended up with a huge headache so I took the kids back down to the beach for a couple hours and they played in the water, it was the first time for all of them, of course playing in the water constitutes sandals and shorts and going in no deeper than your shins, but we all had an awesome time. The two little hiccups were the coast seemed to be infested with super sized flying carpenter ants, they were all over the beach and the campsite, luckily only found a couple in our things when we got home. The other was while the kids and I were on the beach in the afternoon we saw a seagull with a broken wing, it broke Ty's heart, think he may have some veterinarian learning in his future. He cried while I tried to explain to him that we couldn't fix it and all about the circle of life, it was sweet to see his heart for animals. We don't go camping again for three weeks, can't wait!!!
8:30 am Saturday morning, super low tide, sunny and 70

More water for the weird dog =)

That's a starfish hanging off the rock.

Cale exploring a cave you only can get to during really low tide.

We are assuming this is a squid someone made.

Bugged out Morgan.

Up high.

Smore around the campfire.

Waiting in the dump line. And yes our poop does stink =)

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