Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting ready

The last few days we have been preparing for a visit from my mother in law. Seven people in a three bedroom house means all the kids are sharing one room while grandma gets her own. I am preparing myself for lots of talking at bedtime, fights, and lots of attention and fun times with grandma. They are so excited and can't wait for camping, berry picking, canning, and whatever other fun adventure we can come up with. So we have been decluttering both kids bedrooms, one to accomodate four kids and the other to give Mary a little more room to herself. This past weekend we went to our favorite hangout (Camp Adair) besides camping of course. The kids and I rode our bikes while Don walked the dog. I was surprisingly not tired after two hours of riding, its so much easier to ride than walk =) Then just yesterday I got an extra day off during the week which is unheard of so we did some errands, etc. in the morning then after naps headed to Springfield to hang out with Don at work then head to the new Cabelas, it wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be but fun to visit none the less. Oh I drove Don's Volkswagon Cabriolet convertible home also, fun, fun, but man not quite warm enough for that just yet =)

Brocks version of a ribcage

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