Friday, June 17, 2011

My opinion of the day

Well, there's been some interesting things going around on facebook lately and I thought I would weigh in. Don and I had a discussion last night about it and he kind of seconded my feelings so here goes. People have been complaining about how some people are being shallow, materialistic or self involved, when there are starving children, famine, cancer, etc. going on in the world. The thing that got to me was even when all those things are going on around us it should not minimize what is going on in our lives, my hangnail, broken toe, flat tire is important to me, it should not be minimized and your feelings glossed over just because it isn't as big as something else that's going on. Yes there needs to be less self focus in the world, however to look at someone and think that their issues, feelings are any less important to God is wrong. We may not always agree or want to hear all the little problems going on in other peoples lives but if we truly call ourselves friends that's what we are there for, to listen, to share, to help, and to come along side, not to tell someone whatever they are going through isn't important, right? Facebook does ask, what's on your mind, right? Well, instead of trying to make yourself look all high and mighty maybe it's time to be honest. Kind of like cleaning your house before someone comes to make it look like you are a good housekeeper, when in fact we are all human right. Time for a little mercy, grace, and yes I am preaching to myself as well, I need a little humility in my life too!

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