Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wondering if after yesterday if anyone will be reading this blog =) The post wasn't meant to offend anyone but man it felt good to put it in writing.

Thought I would give an update on the kids. Morgan is growing like a weed, she's 5'1'' already and her feet are officially bigger than mine now. She is just finishing up with her 5th grade curriculum and to be honest I think we are both glad to be finishing up with 5th grade and taking a little break this summer! Cale will finish his 4th grade curriculum this week and has really enjoyed it. I don't think either one of us are looking forward to 5th grade, well I'm not anyway. Ty is finishing 2nd grade and we will be continuing some handwriting and spelling over the summer. It seems to be what he struggles with and they are easy so hope to make it fun. Brock is still a firecracker. He is obsessed with counting everything and is learning his letter sounds. He is hoping to be reading by the end of summer =)

This coming weekend we are hoping to plant our garden which means we have a major amount of weeding to do in our back yard, yuck!!! I am so looking forward to a three day weekend! Hope anyone who still reads this is doing well, send me a text or an email and let me know you are still alive!

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