Friday, May 20, 2011


I so wish I could have taken some pictures of the kids going through their clothes bins looking for things to wear this summer. They were so cute showing off for each other and each one remember that whatever it was used to be theirs or remembering when someone else wore it. I am again thankful for my garage/bin shopping extravaganza! FREE FREE FREE! Well of course my eleven year old who is in a womans extra small body has outgrown many things so it looks like we will be heading to her favorite second hand store soon to replenish her very sad wardrobe. Oh and don't get me started on shoes, seriously the oldest two need some serious shoe renewal, ha! I have learned to buy the more expensive higher quality shoes because they are better for their feet and last longer, which in Cale's case means three boys will wear the shoes and in Morgan size I can wear them when she outgrows them SCORE!

Sorry no pictures but the house looked like a tornado and didn't think they would appreciate half clothed pictures of themselveson the internet =)

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Tammy said...

sounds familiar...Kaleb is going to need a few things for summer too, but not too much, we are so thankful to get all Luke's (sarah's son's) stuff ;) Erin gets a few things from a friend, but we had to get her some new shorts that went to the knees, all the stuff seems to be so short these days.....