Friday, October 2, 2009

Looks like another week, another post! Another week down of homeschool and still going strong. We were able to can 8 more pints of tomatoes and hoping to do some more next week, finally some red tomatoes. I think our goal for next week is to get some apples picked and get started on applesauce! I made four quarts a couple weeks ago and it's already gone so I can see the demand is high!!! Don and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary yesterday! I can't believe it was that long ago, it's been a wild ride but worth every minute! October 1st also marks the 8 year anniversary of us moving to Oregon, not sure if that's one that we are super excited about but know this is where God has us for now. Our biggest excitement around here has been finding Brock sleeping in all kinds of interesting places lately. He sleeps under his bed, in Ty's bed, but typically on the floor somewhere, hmm I wonder if he's trying to tell us he's ready to move out of his toddler bed?! Guess it's time to start saving for a bunk bed and mattress, huh!

Brock sleeping under a rug in Morgan's room, yes he does have a blanket, he just evidently thought this was more comfortable.

Morgan had a little makeover, I am so jealous of her eyelashes. I may let her out of the house with makeup on when she's 40.

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