Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple picking

We finally went apple picking on Wednesday, we were able to pick 50 pounds in about half an hour. I hope we can get at least another 100 pounds for more sauce and apple chips. So far we've made 12 quarts of applesauce and we hope to get started on the chips today. Don is gone again, this time in Nebraska, then on to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, yuck but I will try and keep up my positive mantra, he has a job, it's a good thing!

The daycare has really slowed down, it's interesting trying to figure out a new schedule when it's just us, we get out schoolwork done most days around 10 and then the rest of our day is open. I don't want to plan a bunch of stuff that costs money but there's only so much we can do here before we're bouncing off the walls, lol.

We finally had to break out the winter clothes this week, it's been getting down to 40 at night and in the 60's as the high so not freezing but much cooler than we're used to. It was so cute to see how excited they all got with their "new" clothes. I still get so excited digging through the garage and not even having to hit a store to buy clothes, YET!

Enough of the boringness that is my life, just wanted to add some pictures and post a little update.

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