Friday, September 25, 2009

A post in which I didn't blow up my kitchen

It was an eventful morning, I had four extra kiddos at the house and decided since it seemed so calm and relaxing with seven kids in the house (Morgan is at a friends house) that I should try pressure canning tomatoes. It turned out to be so easy, thanks to a fairly simple to use pressure cooker that I borrowed. I ended up with four pints which came from six huge tomatoes. My garden is still overflowing with green tomatoes so as they ripen I will can some more. There is such a feeling of accomplishment being able to "put up" food for my family, this winter should be full of lost of fruit and veggies, hurray! We will begin our apple picking, canning, dehydrating adventure in the next week or so. I borrowed an extra crock pot so the applesauce making will go much faster than last year. I hope to do two to three times as much as I did last year so it will last until next fall. In saying that it makes me think I better get a tally of what I already have in the pantry and post it on here, not that I'd be bragging or anything;)
7 pints tomatoes
2 qts applesauce
4 pints pears
23 qts peaches
8 qts, 20 pints boysenberries
25 qts, 9 pints blueberries
4 pints peach jelly
3 pints strawberry jam
6 pints boysenberry jam
We have used quite a few jars of peaches and blueberries already but it's a good start!

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