Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another weekly update!

This past week has been somewhat busy, I guess, no excuses for no blogs though. The 13th was my birthday, we didn't do anything on it except go play at a park since Don was gone. We finished our second full week of homeschool and are getting into more difficult things so it has become challenging, I have to remember my patience occasionally and that this is all worth it, which it is for sure! Don finally came home from Louisiana after two weeks and we kind of hibernated for the weekend, it was so nice to have another adult in the house to talk to, help with parenting, and of course make some meals! He had the kids make me a birthday cake which turned out cute, and the OMG stands for "Oh my goodness" of course since we don't say the other words at our house!!!! I'm going to have to do a slide show with the cake because there are a plethora of photos and I'd hate to leave any of them out!

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Anonymous said...

great pictures! what a great cake! looks like you had alot of fun!!=D