Monday, January 26, 2009


Yes Mom I dug through all that to get the meat off, gross but so worth it!

Well in order to keep our food budget low I cooked another one of our turkeys, now I only have two in the freezer, bummer but it was nice to have "Thanksgiving dinner" at the end of January. I was reading on a few other blogs about making your own stock so I read up and decided to make turkey broth. I hate carving the turkey and picking all the meat off the bone but in order to make our $4.50 turkey go further and be frugal I bucked up and picked as much off the bones as I could. Then I put the bones on two large pots, covered them with water and let them simmer for 24 hours. This morning I strained the stock and ended up with seven gallon sized bags of turkey broth and another bag of turkey meat that I can use in soups, etc. It makes me feel good to see all that came out of it, and know there are lots of ingredients calling for some yummy recipes waiting in the freezer, plus the benefit of the house smelling like turkey for an additional 24 hours, mmmm. I took some pictures to show my mom how domestic I was, she can appreciate how much I dislike dealing with carcasses. Enjoy Mom!

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Barb J. said...

I pick the meat off a chicken once a week. Not my favorite part of the meal, but neccesary to save food and money. A turkey takes even longer, I'm sure!